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  • Overall Strategy Review

    You may already have a Digital TV service up and running and are looking to add new features, services or products. Which is the best technology in the market place to support your needs ? Can it be integrated seamlessly into your existing technical and commercial environment, or will significant changes be required to maximise your new investment ? How much will it cost ? You may even be starting on TV services for the first time and require an end to end strategy overview to validate your plans. In both cases, isis digital can help you.

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  • Requirements Definition

    The strategy is clear – the concept for new products and services has been defined. Now you need to turn those concepts into System Requirements, Interface Documentation and Product Specifications. And detail your business objectives as measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This is inevitably an interactive process as your three main variables – System Performance, Quality of Service, Time To Market – are notoriously difficult to reconcile. isis digital can help you optimise this process for a successful launch.

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  • Vendor Selection & Management

    Choosing the most appropriate vendors to help implement the products and services you have defined is critical to success – as is defining the criteria against which they will be measured. Poor vendor selection can lead to delays to the service launch date, cause disturbances and down time on existing parts of your environment, generate significant additional costs and finally produce a sub standard product for your customers. This can be avoided by applying a rigorous selection process – possibly managed by isis digital on your behalf.

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  • Business and Market Reviews

    Market perceptions change and the exciting products you launched last year may seem stale and boring compared with the products your competitors are launching this year. Product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter, as the competition gets more intense. Business models need to adapt to new services. Running an organisation day to day often makes it challenging to keep a strategic view of your business, products and services and the markets and consumers they serve. isis digital can support you to manage your strategy and product roadmap, and identify potential new markets, while you concentrate on today’s customer issues.

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  • Interim Management

    Companies change and grow, often quicker than anticipated. Companies sometimes have difficulties due to changing market conditions, products delays, or other factors. In both cases, it may take additional experienced managers to review the situation, identify potential solutions, implement an action plan and then provide support as the local management team gets on top of the issues to deliver a strongerer performance. isis digital can provide Board level expertise and hands-on experience to start ups, SME’s and large organisations. No company is immune to change, and a pro-active review of your situation may prove to be more valuable than reacting to potentially avoidable problems. Contact isis digital to discuss further.

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  • Standardisation Support

    Two services which are ubiquitous worldwide today are mobile telephony and digital television. Arguably, neither would have been as successful without industry standardisation promoted through organisations such as GSM, DVB, MPEG and formalised in standard bodies like ETSI and the ITU. Standardisation is fundamental to the continued growth of affordable and innovative new products and services. However, the standardisation process can be complex and time consuming, and take key individuals away from product development at critical times. Companies need to balance product Time to Market with standards strategy and IPR protection. isis digital can support you needs.

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