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Case Study # 3

The Needle Online, Technology Choice

The Needle Online Ltd. was founded in 2011 to develop a new concept in recruitment based around video and other tools. The Needle Online website ( offers a suite of online recruitment tools, which support candidates, recruitment agencies and employers to either find the best candidate or find the best job in the most cost effective manner. The key is the use of specially developed video technology, which is unique to The Needle Online.

The video technology allows candidates the opportunity to present themselves “in person” to potential employers, while employers can use a “video interview” based on questions defined by them as part of the recruitment process to quickly select the most likely candidates. This is supported by online Document and Target Manager Tools for the candidates, while recruitment agencies and employers have use of an online job board and have access to search candidates.

All of the tools have been designed specifically by The Needle Online and the key features are clearly explained as part of the website content.

isis digital supported this development by defining technical requirements, writing specifications for the website and associated tools, and selecting the best technology vendors. Working closely with the development team, the complexities associated in making reliable video tools work across multiple platforms were resolved, as was the choice of the final hybrid hosting environment. The site was launched commercially in February 2012.

isis digital is currently providing further support in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

David Gillies is also a Director of The Needle Online Ltd.